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From day one it was never about the money and it certainly wasn’t about the fame.

Neither ever crossed my mind once I decided to pursue a career in Broadcasting.

I didn’t want a “job” either. I just wanted to do something that I found interesting enough to pursue and hopefully fall in love with.

I contacted a certain Broadcasting School, you know, one of those “4 months of intense study and a star is born type schools”.

As naive as I was at that time, I was pretty certain that this was not the right path to take, especially when they required that I purchase one of their label emblazoned sport coats. No thanks.

I decided on a Junior College that did have Communications as one of their majors. Once it became apparent that I was at least good enough to “get in” to or at the very least put myself in the game, my next move was to start networking.

I was fortunate enough to meet a classmate that had worked at a few radio stations and was willing too share his experience with me. The fact that he already had experience but was still wanting to attend school really left an impression on me.

My classmate ingrained in me the importance of working hard and making contacts. He also emphasized that while its important to network and make contacts, It was equally if not more important to try and learn something from those contacts about the business.

It didn’t take very long for me to come to the realization that broadcasting is what I want to do and would love as well. Again, money nor fame ever crossed my mind. 

If you’ve decided that broadcasting or media in general is what you want to be a part of, nor should it’s enter yours. Eventually money if not fame become important to some but if it becomes a priority you might want to think about doing something else.

In a recent Jacobs Media study, nearly 700 radio personalities surveyed said that they go on the air to have fun, to entertain and because it is an emotionally fulfilling job. (There’s that word again).

Money and fame ranked near the bottom among the main reasons a personality wants to be on air. 

I can’t overemphasis how important it is to have a career that’s emotionally fulfilling. I know of several people working a gig thats pays them very well. Lucrative type jobs that are financially rewarding but not emotionally fulfilling. 

Most folks that I know that fall into this category are not very happy with their jobs and can’t wait until Friday comes.

I never wanted to fall into that category and if you’re serious about making media you’re career endeavor you shouldn’t either.

Vernon R Catron




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